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October 2023

CTC-RI 2023 Annual Conference: October 5th 2023

The CTC-RI Annual Conference occured on October 5th, 2023.  Our fantastic vendors included the Rhode Island Department of Health, Parent Support Network of Rhode Island, Family Service of Rhode Island, UniteUs, the American Lung Association and more! These dynamic partners shared an array of programs and resources designed to support healthcare practices.


June 2023

 June 9th 2023 | CTC-RI Breakfast of Champions

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May 2022

Postponed: CTC-RI 2020 Annual Conference Now on May 12, 2022

The CTC-RI Annual Conference is being postponed to May 12, 2022. Please stay tuned for more updates and details as they become available.

June 2021

June 11, 7:30am-9:00am | CTC-RI Breakfast of Champions


  • Jay Gates, MD, Director of Integrated Care Delivery, Providence Community Health Centers and Lillian Nieves, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist present “PDSA: Potentially Avoidable ED Visits – PCHC
  • Panel discussion with adult and pediatric practice leaders from outside of RI discussing the “The Changing Role of the PCP (and inter-professional care team) Under Capitation”

Please use this link to register and reach out for more information about obtaining a CME Credit Request Form.

October 2019

October 24, 7:30am-3:45pm | CTC-RI Annual Conference: Advancing Integrated Primary Care: Innovations at Work 

Keynote Speaker Bios: Somava Saha, MD and Paul Woods, MD

7:30–9:15 Morning Session:

9:30–10:30 Concurrent Breakout Sessions I:

10:30–11:30 Concurrent Breakout Sessions II 

11:50–12:50 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions III

1:40–2:40 Concurrent Breakout Sessions IV

2:40–3:40 Concurrent Breakout Sessions V 

 This session qualifies CME Credit in Opioid Pain Management/Chronic Pain Management, one of the required areas of section 6.0; 6.2.1 RI CME re-licensure.

Speaker Reimbursement Forms - Excel, PDF, W9

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September 2019

September 13, 7:30am-9:00am | CTC-RI Breakfast of Champions

September 27, 7:30am-11:30am | Integrating Medication-Assisted Treatment and Primary Care Summit

May 2019

May 10, 7:30am-9:00am | CTC-RI Breakfast of Champions


February 2019

February 8, 7:30am-9:00am | CTC-RI Breakfast of Champions

Agenda and Presentations

  • "Making Sense of the Madness":  Focused discussions on social determinant of health screening and primary care specialist relationships. Which activities are best done through systems of care and which need to be done at the practice level, Andrew Saal MD MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Providence Community Health and Andrea Galgay, MBA, Director, ACO Development, RIPCPC
  • Efforts to Improve Technology and Data Flow to Impact Care:  Seeking feedback on roadblocks and which actions we can take together to meet common goals, Kim Paull, MPH, Director, RI EOHHS Data and Analytics

November 2018

November 1, 7:30am-3:30pm | CTC-RI Annual Conference

7:30–9:15 Morning Session:

9:30–10:25 Concurrent Breakout Sessions I:

10:25–11:20 Concurrent Breakout Sessions II 

11:35–12:30 pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions III

1:30–2:30 Concurrent Breakout Sessions IV

2:30–3:30 Concurrent Breakout Sessions V 

⌂ This session qualifies CME Credit in Risk Management or End of Life/Palliative Care, two of the required areas of section 6.0; 6.2.1 RI CME re-licensure requirements.
Φ Attendees registering for this session need to sign up for Sessions I and II.

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September 2018

September 14, 7:30am-9:30am | CTC Quarterly Champion Learning Session

CTC hosted another ‘Breakfast of Champions’ session on September 14 at the Shriners Imperial Room in Cranston with almost 60 participants. Pano Yeracaris, MD MPH led with a CTC program update on the integrated behavioral health qualitative evaluation and preliminary data from the All-Payer Claims Database (APCD). Matthew Salisbury, MD of CharterCARE Medical Associates, Pontiac Avenue office presented on their work with embedding the scribe function within the care team. Wrapping up the morning presentations, Jeannine Casselman of Medical-Legal Partnership Boston (MLPB) gave a talk on team-based social determinants of health (SDOH) care.

Please provide your feedback to the meeting via the Survey Monkey link:

Agenda & Presentations:


CTC program update on IBH Qualitative Evaluation and All-Payer Claims Database (APCD)

Matthew Salisbury, MD, CharterCARE Medical Associates, Pontiac Avenue office on  scribe function within the care team

Jeannine Casselman, Medical-Legal Partnership Boston (MLPB) on team-based social determinants of health (SDOH) care

May 2018

May 11, 7:30am-9:00am| CTC Quarterly Champion Learning Session

CTC held another ‘Breakfast of Champions’ session on May 11th at the Shriners Imperial Room in Cranston. The first part of the morning featured a joint presentation on the Integrated Approach to Diabetes Care by Marty Kerzer, DO and Kristin David, PsyD. Collectively, they shared Associates in Primary Care’s approach and results achieved in lowering A1C through group visits.  Karyn Horowitz, MD, director of outpatient child psychiatry & behavioral health services at Lifespan and clinical associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University provided an overview of PediPRN’s services, next steps planned for PediPRN together with  actual cases demonstrating the value PediPRN  to Pediatric practices. Wrapping up the morning presentations, Nelly Burdette, PsyD gave a talk on “What’s integrated care got to do with it?”. The presentation provided an overview of the CTC IBH pilot programs in primary care, reviewed cost and quality data and shared lessons learned, challenges and opportunities. 

Please provide your feedback to the meeting via the Survey Monkey link:

Agenda & Presentations:


Lowering A1C Through Group Visits

PediPRN: Pediatric Psychiatry Resource Network

What’s integrated care got to do with it? Looking back and forward in primary care for Rhode Island

March 2018

March 29, 7:30am-9:30am| State of Primary Care in Rhode Island Panel Discussion
Sponsored by Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island (CTC-RI), the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC), and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS), health care leaders -- within our CTC-RI community -- will explore key advancements that our state has made in primary care, and ways we can continue to advance our delivery system.

Presentation Slides:

State of Primary Care

Panel Discussion

Post-Event Survey Results

February 2018

February 9, 7:30am-9:00am| CTC Quarterly Champion Learning Session

January 2018

January 4, 9:00am-10:30am | Rhode Island KIDS COUNT Issue Brief event, "Maternal Depression in Rhode Island: Two Generations at Risk"
January 15, 6:00 pm (doors open), 7:00pm start | "Owning Our Story" About the Overdose Epidemic
January 25, 5:00pm-8:15pm | Dealing with the Difficult Patient: Everything a Clinician Needs to Know

December 2017

December 6, 4:00pm-7:00pm| Rhode Island College Population Health Symposium
December 12, 7:30am-8:45am| Maternal and Child Health Collaborative Offices Rounds (COR)
December 14, 4:00pm-5:00pm| Screening for Falls: OT and PT Perspectives Prevention is the Best Medicine

November 2017

November 7, 7:30am-3:30pm | Annual CTC-RI Learning Collaborative

Morning Agenda
Time:                    Session:                                                                                         
7:00-7:30             Registration
7:30-7:45             Welcome: Advancing Improving Population Health: Care Transformation Collaborative Perspective by
                             Debra Hurwitz, MBA, BSN, RN Executive Director of CTC-RI

7:45-8:00            How Public Policy Supports Primary Care by Marie L. Ganim, PhD, MPA Commissioner, OHIC
7:45-8:00            15 Minute Healer by Pable Rodriguez, MD      
8:00-9:15            Strenghening Team Based Care by Peter B. Anderson, MD and Stephen E.  Moberg, BBA-MIS                                          
9:15-9:30            Break
9:30-10:25          Break Out Session I
                            1. Assisting Patient Populations with Addition Needs by Amber Hewitt, PsyD and Stephen A. Martin, MD, EdM
                            2. Providing Team Based Care: Barriers and Solutions by Peter B. Anderson, MD and Stephen E. Moberg, BBA-MIS               
                            3. Patient Activation: Choosing Wisely in Primary Care by Timothy J. Lynch                           
                            4. Pediatric Care: Strategies to Assist Adolescents with SUD by Susan J. Duffy, MD, MPH and
                                Chris Dorval, MSW, LCSW, LCDCS, LCDP, ICADC
10:25-11:20       Break Out Session II        
                           1. Proving MAT in Primary Care by Robert S. Crausman, MD, MMS and John Machata, MD                             
                           2. Complex Care Management: Understanding Patient Needs and Reducing ED Utilization by Cyndi Nassivera Reynolds,
                                Karen L. Ashline, MA, and Brenda M. Stiles, RN, BSN, PCMH, CCE
                           3. Patient Activation: Ask the Right Questions by Luz Santana, MA and Carol W. Robey, MD                
                           4. Pediatric Care: Pediatric Medical Neighborhood: Moderated by Elizabeth B. Lange, MD with a panel by
                               Holly L. Ayotte, BS, Diane Kowal, MA, BSN, CSNT, NCSN, and Deborah Masland, BA      
11:20-11:35       Break
11:35-12:30       Breakout Session III
                           1. Providing MAT in Primary Care by Coleen LaBelle, MSN, RN-BC, CARN                                      
                           2. Care Plan: Using the Team and The Patient  by Amberly Ticotsky, RN, BSN, MPH                 
                           3. Chronic Care Management:Pediatric-Adult Assisting Patients With Asthma and Anxiety by Nelly Burdette, PsyD
12:30-1:30          Lunch and Resource Round Tables

Afternoon Agenda
Time:               Session: 
1:30-3:00         Breakout Session IV
                         1. Leveraging Technology to Manage And Improve Population Health  by Jatin Gupta        
                         2. Using Health Plan Cost Estimator Tools  to Assist Patients and Practices with Self-Decision Making by John Auger, BS and 
                             Merry Pearlman, BA from Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
and Bethany Wingren, MA from United Healthcare                       
1:30-3:30        3. Training of Use of All Payer Claims Data Base by Chad MacLeod, BA and David Jorgensen, MS

Additional Information
Speaker Bios
Cambridge Health Alliance Handout: Living a Happy, Healthy Life
Pediatric-Adult Assisting Patients With Asthma and Anxiety:

Pediatric Medical Neighborhood References:

September 2017

September 29, 7:15am-3:45pm | Save the Date: 2017 CDOE Annual Symposium 

June 2017

June 22, 6:00pm-8:00pm | TCPI Learning Series
June 29, 11:00am-12:00pm | Geriatric Education Series: Webinar: Diseases that Lead to Dementia: A Review with an Update on Potential New Therapies

April 2017

April 1, 7:00am-4:15pm | 5th Annual New England Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation Summit (Brown CME)

March 2017

March 4, 7:30am-5:00pm | Trangender Health Conference 2017 (Brown CME)
March 17-19 | The Patient, the Practitioner, and the Computer: Holding on to the Core of Our Healing Professions in a Time of Technological Change (Brown CME)

February 2017

February 1, 4:00pm-4:30pm | Treatment Across the Lifespan for Persons with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

January 2017

January 24, 12:00pm-1:00pm | Webinar: Crossing the Medication Safety Chasm with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
January 25, 4:00pm-4:30pm | Free Webinar: Neurobehavioral Disorder associated with Prenatal Alcholo Exposure (ND-PAE)

Webinar now availabile: RI Geriatric Education Center Education Series
Click here for more information.

December 2016

December 8, 8:30am-4:30pm | 2016 Health Equity Summit Health Equity in Action: Justice and Health For All
December 9, 7:30am-9:30am | Clinical Practice Champion Quarterly Learning Session 
December 13, 8:30am-4:00pm | Opioid Prevention & Treatment in the Primary Care Setting (Summit)

November 2016

November 2, 5:30pm-7:00pm |  RI Association of Certified Asthma Educators Annual Meeting 
November 3, 5:30pm | Alzheimer's Association's Brian R. Ott M.D. Annual Research Symposium
November 4, 8:00am-3:00pm | RI Minority Elder Task Force Cultural Competency Conference for Caregivers
November 9, 1:00pm-2:00pm | Webinar: Care Planning for Children with Special Health Care Needs
November 12, 8:00am-12:00pm | Neurology Update: Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis
November 14, 11:30am-1:30pm |  Rhode Island World Diabetes Day at State House 
November 17 | Brown CME event: Vector Borne Emerging Infectious Diseases 
November 19, 8:00am-5:00 pm | Brown Orthopedics Symposium Pediatric & Adolescent Sports Medicine
Nov. 30 + Dec. 1, 8:30am -5:00 pm | Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach Training
November 30, 5:00pm-7:00pm | Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict screening presented by BCBSRI


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Our Mission

The mission of CTC-RI is to support the continuing transformation of primary care in Rhode Island as the foundation of an ever-improving integrated, accessible, affordable, and equitable health care system.  CTC-RI brings together critical stakeholders to implement, evaluate and spread effective multi-payer models to deliver, pay for and sustain high-quality, comprehensive, accountable primary care.