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The Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Committee is charged with supporting the development of, and ongoing learning around, sustainable approaches to integrating behavioral health in a wide variety of primary care practices. The IBH committee acts as content experts for informing the implementation of CTC IBH pilot projects and work in partnership with the health plans, systems of care, Office of Health Insurance Commission and other partners in testing and evaluating new models/programs of care.  The committee acts as an advisory group to: a) inform Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) adult and pediatric practices and community health teams as they develop programs to meet the behavioral health needs of patient and families in primary care b) strengthen workforce development by coordinating efforts with academic programs c) inform public policy.  The IBH Committee Charter can be found here (link to charter).


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Our Mission

The mission of CTC-RI is to support the continuing transformation of primary care in Rhode Island as the foundation of an ever-improving integrated, accessible, affordable, and equitable health care system.  CTC-RI brings together critical stakeholders to implement, evaluate and spread effective multi-payer models to deliver, pay for and sustain high-quality, comprehensive, accountable primary care.