Past Events

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Contracting Committee

  • July 12 2016

Monthly Contracting Committee meeting located at RIQI.

(Recommended attendees: health plans, provider champions and organization leadership)

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Community Health Team Operation

  • July 8 2016

Monthly Community Health Team Operation and Oversight meeting located at HealthCentric Advisors.

(Recommended attendees: CHT leader at participating site)

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Steering Committee

  • July 8 2016

Quarterly Steering Committee meeting located at HealthCentric Advisors

(Recommended attendees: provider champions and organization leadership, all staff welcome)

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Data and Evaluation Committee

  • July 5 2016

Monthly Data and Evaluation Committee meeting located at Memorial Hospital's Center for Primary Care. 

(Recommended attendees: IT/HIT/data analysts)

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Our Mission

The mission of CTC-RI is to support the continuing transformation of primary care in Rhode Island as the foundation of an ever-improving integrated, accessible, affordable, and equitable health care system.  CTC-RI brings together critical stakeholders to implement, evaluate and spread effective multi-payer models to deliver, pay for and sustain high-quality, comprehensive, accountable primary care.