NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Update for 2023/24: Use of Standardized Measures

  • 15 Dec 2022

Use of standardized measures: Beginning in 2024, standardized measures will be required for PCMH. A standardized measure captures data from the entire calendar year before the submission year; thus, for 2024 the reporting period will be January 1–December 31, 2023, unless stated otherwise in the measure specification. Practices are expected to use the EHR to generate the standardized measure reports for submission. Refer to the Measures page for a list of all PCMH-supported measures (updated 11/2022).

Because pediatric practices will have difficulty with chronic/acute standardized measures due to a lack of available measures relevant to their populations, in 2024 these practices may submit a PCS ticket through My NCQA to submit a custom measure for the chronic/acute component.

QI 02B (Quality Improvement: Measures related to resource stewardship: Care Coordination and Health Care Costs): Measures affecting health care costs may not be relevant to all practices. If your practice cannot report on one of the options, submit a PCS ticket through My NCQA for an exception allowing submission of a custom measure report.

There can be unique challenges to obtaining a full calendar year of data (e.g., changing vendors mid-year). Exceptions to calendar year reporting will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Submit a PCS ticket through My NCQA for consideration.