NCM/CC Best Practice Sharing: Strength-Based Screening, Part 2 Theory to Practice

  • 12 Nov 2021

Based on feedback received from our nurse care managers and care coordinators (NCM/CC) at the strategic planning meeting, our October NCM/CC session focused on patient engagement resources and how to take a “strength-based” approach when interviewing patients and families. Kathleen Kuiper, RIPIN Resource Coordinator, provided an overview of the Rhode Island Medical Home Portal and Care Notebook resource that can be used to assist families with children with special needs. Marsophia Ducheine of Medical-Legal Partnership Boston, led the NCM/CC volunteers through role-playing exercises of what a non-productive screening for health-related social needs might look like and then that same case performed as a productive encounter with group discussion. Thank you to our volunteers for their demonstration of what-not-to-do versus what-to-do performances. Through these interactive sessions, the group was able to practice and learn from others about what a productive strength-based screen looks like. For those who attended this meeting, please provide your feedback by filling out this survey.

The Rhode Island Geriatric Education Center is conducting a 2-part Geriatric Education Series on dementia at the November and December NCM/CC Best Practice Sharing meetings. Part 1 of the Geriatric Education Series, The Aging Brain: Signs and Symptoms of Cognitive Impairment was presented at the November meeting. On December 21, the meeting will showcase part 2 on the topic of Dementia Diagnosis: Treatment Options. Pre-registration is required for this event: