Improving Hypertension Patient Care: a Team-Based Approach

  • 10 Nov 2022

Best Practices in Team-Based Care: Improving Hypertension Patient Care: a Team-Based Approach

The Women’s Medicine Collaborative shared their team-based approach to improving patient care for patients with hypertension at the October Best Practices in Team-Based Care meeting. Dr. Tong reviewed the evidence-based hypertension guideline recommendations to determine appropriate blood pressure goals based on patient-specific factors. Jennifer Nappi, Ambra Dailey and Safiya Naidjate provided an overview of their quality improvement project to reduce hypertension-related ED visits and hospitalizations by optimizing blood pressure control among patients with hypertension and instituting a loner-system, self-management blood pressure program and effectively using team-based care to assist patients with meeting goals for hypertension control.

Save the Date: December 20 - “Incontinence in Older Adults” 8:00-9:00AM