Agenda and Presentations for the 2017 Annual Learning Collaborative

  • 06 Nov 2017

Morning Agenda
Time:                    Session:  
7:00-7:30             Registration
7:30-7:45             Welcome: Advancing Improving Population Health: Care Transformation Collaborative Perspective by
                             Debra Hurwitz, MBA, BSN, RN Executive Director of CTC-RI

7:45-8:00            How Public Policy Supports Primary Care by Marie L. Ganim, PhD, MPA Commissioner, OHIC
7:45-8:00            15 Minute Healer by Pable Rodriguez, MD      
8:00-9:15            Strenghening Team Based Care by Peter B. Anderson, MD and Stephen E.  Moberg, BBA-MIS                                          
9:15-9:30            Break
9:30-10:25          Break Out Session I
                            1. Assisting Patient Populations with Addition Needs by Amber Hewitt, PsyD and Stephen A. Martin, MD, EdM
                            2. Providing Team Based Care: Barriers and Solutions by Peter B. Anderson, MD and Stephen E. Moberg, BBA-MIS               
                            3. Patient Activation: Choosing Wisely in Primary Care by Timothy J. Lynch                           
                            4. Pediatric Care: Strategies to Assist Adolescents with SUD by Susan J. Duffy, MD, MPH and
                                Chris Dorval, MSW, LCSW, LCDCS, LCDP, ICADC     
10:25-11:20       Break Out Session II        
                           1. Proving MAT in Primary Care by Robert S. Crausman, MD, MMS and John Machata, MD                             
                           2. Complex Care Management: Understanding Patient Needs and Reducing ED Utilization by Cyndi Nassivera Reynolds,
                                Karen L. Ashline, MA, and Brenda M. Stiles, RN, BSN, PCMH, CCE   
                           3. Patient Activation: Ask the Right Questions by Luz Santana, MA and Carol W. Robey, MD                
                           4. Pediatric Care: Pediatric Medical Neighborhood: Moderated by Elizabeth B. Lange, MD with a panel by
                               Holly L. Ayotte, BS, Diane Kowal, MA, BSN, CSNT, NCSN, and Deborah Masland, BA      
11:20-11:35       Break
11:35-12:30       Breakout Session III
                           1. Providing MAT in Primary Care by Coleen LaBelle, MSN, RN-BC, CARN                                      
                           2. Care Plan: Using the Team and The Patient  by Amberly Ticotsky, RN, BSN, MPH                 
                           3. Chronic Care Management:Pediatric-Adult Assisting Patients With Asthma and Anxiety by Nelly Burdette, PsyD
12:30-1:30          Lunch and Resource Round Tables

Afternoon Agenda
Time:               Session:                                                                     
1:30-3:00         Breakout Session IV
                         1. Leveraging Technology to Manage And Improve Population Health  by Jatin Gupta        
                         2. Using Health Plan Cost Estimator Tools  to Assist Patients and Practices with Self-Decision Making by John Auger, BS and 
                             Merry Pearlman, BA from Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
and Bethany Wingren, MA from United Healthcare                       
1:30-3:30        3. Training of Use of All Payer Claims Data Base by Chad MacLeod, BA and David Jorgensen, MS

Additional Information
Speaker Bios
Cambridge Health Alliance Handout: Living a Happy, Healthy Life
Pediatric-Adult Assisting Patients With Asthma and Anxiety:

Pediatric Medical Neighborhood References: