Rhode to Equity Momentum Session

  • 08 Oct 2021

Rhode to Equity teams met recently for the 1st quarterly momentum session since the July program start. With over 50 attendees, the 6 health equity zones (HEZs), along with their partners (accountable entities, primary care clinics, community health teams, community-based organizations, and individuals with lived experience of inequities) were able to come together and share their project progress. Somava Saha, MD, MS, Well Being in the Nation facilitated a discussion on Risk Stratification. Dr. Saha emphasized the importance of looking at existing data from each team member, deciding on which factors to include in the stratification, and examine those who are “suffering”, “struggling", and “thriving” to inform the creation of a balanced strategy. Teams presented on their targeted aims, driver diagrams, and how they plan to create systemic change within their communities. Webinar Recording