Dr. Hittner Retires as R.I. Health Insurance Commissioner

  • 30 Aug 2017

The governor's office announced this summer that Dr. Kathleen Hittner, the state's Health Insurance Commissioner, would etire from her position effective July 2017.

Dr. Hittner, a long-time champion for the Care Transformation Collaborative, was originally appointed as Health Insurance Commissioner in June 2013. Through her years of leadership, OHIC has maintained some of the lowest rate increases in the country during a time of uncertainty regarding the future of healthcare, and strengthened the state's Affordability Standards, putting measures in place to contain medical cost growth and to continue to invest in and support our state's primary care infrastructure, including our Collaborative.

"One of the most remarkable aspects of this job has been the spirit of cooperation I've encountered among insurers, health care providers, other government agencies, employer organizations and consumer representatives," Dr. Hittner wrote in a farewell newsletter distributed by OHIC. "From coming together to agree to improve access to medications, to joining in our workgroups and advisory councils to resolve issues without resorting to regulations and orders, I have seen firsthand the value of having all stakeholders at the table to achieve the common goals of improving healthcare access, affordability, and quality."

Following Dr. Hittner's retirement, Dr. Marie L. Ganim, former deputy chief of staff and policy director for the R.I. State Senate, has been appointed to lead OHIC.

We thank Dr. Hittner for her years of leadership and dedication, and look forward to working collaboratively with Dr. Ganim in her new role as Health Insurance Commissioner.