CTC-RI Board of Directors Approves 9 Practice Sites for Pediatric IBH Primary Care Program Funded by Rhode Island Foundation

  • 05 Jul 2019

The CTC-RI Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has approved 9 pediatric primary care practice sites to participate in the Pediatric IBH primary care program. This IBH expansion, funded by Rhode Island Foundation, Tufts Health Plan and UnitedHealthcare, serves ~40,000 kids and an average Medicaid population of 52% with some sites as high as 80-90% Medicaid. The IBH program will start in July 2019 with an orientation date scheduled for July 11.

Congratulations are extended to the approved pediatric primary care practices:

  • Anchor Pediatrics
  • Coastal Medical - Bald Hill
  • Coastal Medical - Waterman
  • Comprehensive Community Action Program
  • Hasbro Medicine Pediatric Primary Care
  • Hasbro Pediatric Primary Care
  • Kingstown Pediatrics
  • Northern Rhode Island Pediatrics
  • Tri-County Community Action Agency