Nurse Care Manager/Care Coordinator Standardized Core Curriculum (xGLearn) Application

  • 25 May 2017


The Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island (CTC-RI) was awarded a $150,000 grant from United Healthcare to purchase access to core curriculum licenses for on-line learning modules that will benefit 100 nurse care managers and care coordinators in CTC-RI primary care practices. Practices that are currently in or previously participated in a CTC contract may apply. Non-CTC practices may apply though a separate application process which will require a payment for use of the license.

CTC Rhode Island has contracted with xG Health Solutions to provide a blended educational learning experience for Care Managers and Care Coordinators. Faculty members, selected by CTC-RI and trained by xG Health Solutions, will facilitate the NCM/CC learning experiences. Additionally, nurses will have the opportunity to earn RN CEU’s and CCM credits that can be applied for Case Management certification.

The education model has several phases:

  • Web Based interactive modules;
  • NCM/CC Faculty facilitated Telephonic Collaboration sessions with a cohort of other NCM/CC;
  • WebEx “Go to Meetings”  based Case Study Capstone Presentation facilitated by each learner

Benefits of Obtaining the Core Curriculum Training for Nurse Care Manager /Care Coordinator:

There is a strong business case for having nurse care managers and care coordinators complete the standardized care management training program:

  • This training will provide the organization  and  primary care practices with a standardized evidence based method for on-boarding  new nurse care managers/care coordinators;
  • New and experienced nurse care managers and care coordinators will learn to apply key care management concepts such as: stratification and priority setting, criteria based level of care determination, care management approaches for targeted high risk conditions, and medical home work flow for implementing practice redesign;
  • NCM/CC will work with a cohort of other NCM/CC with supervised learning from faculty that have been specially trained and certified by xG Learn; faculty will be able to assist learners with applying what they have learned and utilizing Rhode Island resources to assist patients;
  • The core curriculum license will provide the NCM/CC will access to all 18 on-line learning modules and obtain up to 43 continuing education credits; These credits can additionally be applied for care management certification

Practice Site/Clinician Responsibility:

Please consider carefully your commitment to completing the xGLearn care management on line training program before signing this application. Each license costs more than $1500.00 and is not transferable once it is assigned to a NCM/CC.

Both practice leadership and clinician are asked to read and sign the agreement indicating your commitment to complete the learning sessions with the assigned cohort and abide by intellectual property xG Learn requirements.

Time Commitment:

Curriculum topics, including associated time frames for module completion for new, experience and pediatric staff can be found here:

  • It is recommended that new NCM/CC with less than 1 year experience participate in all 18 modules (time: 43 hours).
  • Experienced NCM’s can elect to join a cohort that covers all 18 modules or elect to participate with a cohort that has 8 modules (27 hours).
  • Pediatric care coordinators will be assigned to cohort that has 14 modules (27 hours) and will have access to all 18 modules.

Directions for completing the application:

  1. Click here to view/print the application.
  2. Complete NCM/CC Core Curriculum application including information on the person(s) who will be participating in the training program;
  3. Review, sign and adhere to agreement that outlines confidentiality and use restrictions;
  4. Provide NCM/CC with support time for completing learning modules and coaching sessions; Some of the training time may occur during non-work time at the NCM/CC expense;
  5. Provide NCM/CC with time to participate in the weekly scheduled 1 hour telephonic conference sessions with the NCM/CC faculty. While the telephonic conference calls will be taped, it is expected that the NCM/CC participate in as many of the “real time” scheduled telephonic calls as possible.

Training Timeline*:

Due Date: 6/1/17 Submit Application and signed xGLearn licensing agreement via email to: 
Candice Brown
Office telephone number: 401-528-3277