CTC-RI Accomplishments Report FY23

  • 13 May 2024

CTC-RI Accomplishments Report FY23

Each year, CTC-RI presents project highlights and accomplishments to our Board of Directors. Once again this year, the Accomplishments Report FY23 was aligned with our 5-year strategic plan and logic model. The narrative version of this logic model can be read here.

Next steps and projects in process include the following:

  • Implementing Primary Care Workforce Strategic Roadmap
  • Demographic Data Collection Quality Improvement Initiative
  • Integrated Care – e.g., IBH and CCBHC
  • Improving Care for Older Adults
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections – ECHO and Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative
  • Transition of Care – Payment; National Collaborative Participation
  • Early Childhood – e.g., Family Visiting, DULCE, MomsPRN,
  • TEAM-UP, AAP Wellness, and Sleep

See the full Accomplishments Report FY23 using this link.