Integra Community Care Network Contracts with CTC for Integrated Behavioral Health Consultant Services

  • 30 Apr 2019

Integra Community Care Network, an ACO in partnership with Care New England, RI PCPC and South County Health, has engaged CTC services for a two-year contract to assist selected Integra practices with implementing fully-integrated care that will address the medical, behavioral, and substance use needs of patients in a coordinated, systemic, and unified way. Up to 12 primary care practices sites (5 pediatric and 5 adult with a possible 2-site expansion) will have integrated behavioral health (IBH) practice facilitation services that are focused on recruiting embedded IBH clinicians, establishing the workflows and billing processes needed for sustainability, and establishing a data management system to track avoidable emergency department utilization and admissions/readmissions to inpatient facilities and total cost of care. Selected sites will recruit an IBH provider (part- or full-time) and CTC will provide practice facilitation to support the sites in successful recruitment and training of IBH clinicians, navigate the critical aspects of integrating behavioral health services within the primary care setting and collect data to analyze performance and ROI. The IBH scope of work includes trainings on billing, coding, credentialing and operational issues associated with sustainability specific to the population approach at each site. Best practices learning sessions/collaboratives with content experts will also be provided to specific practice types. Liz Cantor, PhD, IBH Pediatric Practice Facilitation, in collaboration with Sara DeCarvalho, MC, LMHC, RI PCPC Behavioral Health Program Coordinator, launched the Pediatric Practice IBH Orientation program on April 25th.