Pediatric Integrated Behavioral Health Meeting

  • 21 Apr 2022

Over the last 3 years, pediatric primary care practices have participated in a pilot program to integrate behavioral health services in primary care during which they collectively provided care for approximately 40,000 children and families (with over 50% of families insured by Medicaid). Pediatric clinical psychologist Liz Cantor, PhD worked with practices as the pediatric practice facilitator and presented information on practice screening and self-assessment results. Consistently, the practices demonstrated improvement and all implemented new screening tools and workflows, despite the impact of COVID. Practices discussed their successes, lessons learned, and plans for sustaining these efforts. Coastal Medical reported out on an upcoming Pediatric Behavioral Health Remote Patient Monitoring project that they are launching. Dr. Cantor provided highlights from the independent qualitative evaluation that the practices participated in as part of the project. This program was funded by BCBSRI through the Rhode Island Foundation Behavioral Health Fund, Tufts Health Plan and UnitedHealthcare.

Participating Practices:

  • Anchor Medical Associates - Lincoln (Pediatric)
  • Comprehensive Community Action Program
  • Coastal Medical, Inc. - Waterman Pediatrics
  • Coastal Medical, Inc. - Bald Hill Pediatrics
  • Hasbro Medicine Pediatric Primary Care Center (Pediatric)
  • Hasbro Pediatric Primary Care
  • Northern RI Pediatrics
  • Tri-County Community Action