Northeast Telehealth Resource Center Highlights Partnership with CTC-RI

  • 14 Apr 2021

Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC) featured CTC-RI in its January Field Report: “Sample Stakeholder Challenges, Solutions and Lessons Learned.” The report highlighted our collaborative work in the 3 phases of our UnitedHealthcare and CARES Act funded Telehealth project: 1. Fielding the practice/patient needs assessment, 2. Developing a RI webinar series based on telehealth primary care / patient needs assessment findings, and 3. Planning our 12-month Telehealth Learning Collaborative: “Using Technology to Improve Care of Patients with Chronic Conditions.”

CTC-RI has worked closely with the NETRC since summer 2020 and we greatly appreciate their support as content experts within the New England region. NETRC's input has been invaluable as we work to bring in telehealth implementation best practices from around the country to Rhode Island.