Pediatric and adult practices share "best practice" quality improvement projects

  • 29 Mar 2019

As part of the 2017 CTC Expansion Service Delivery Requirement Work plan, pediatric and adult practices were asked to develop and implement quality improvement work plans for improving practice performance selecting from clinical quality, customer experience or utilization performance areas of focus. Practices used AIM statements to identify areas of focus and Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) work plans to plan their improvement work plans and measure results. 

Presentations of both impressive pediatric and adult practice quality improvement work were made at the March Practice Reporting / Transformation Committee meeting. "Best Practice Sharing" covered a wide range of topics including: improving performance for tobacco assessment and cessation counseling, BMI measurement, obtaining HbA1c tests, improving customer experience with office staff, improving communication with patients and follow-up after emergency department use, improving patient utilization of the portal, and use of clinical practice guidelines for adolescents with behavioral health needs.