CTC and American College of Physicians launch collaborative to enhance communication with specialists

  • 12 Mar 2019

CTC and the American College of Physicians have partnered to provide a 6-month collaborative focused on improving referrals and communication between primary care and specialists. This "High-Value Care Coordination" program had its kickoff on February 19 which was attended by more than 50 people representing 23 participating primary care and specialist practices. The evening highlighted the poor care, wasted time and resources existing in the current inefficient referral and communication systems. Patients deserve better care. The four program steps include concrete work around 1) Getting your referral house in order (sending and receiving); 2) ensuring specialists get the information they need; 3) ensuring others (patients, referring clinicians, secondary referrals) get what they need; and 4) establishing higher-level compacts/processes that work with appropriate practices. The many partners in this effort hope that this will help set the expectations for "high-value care" between primary care and specialists across Rhode Island.