Clinical-Community Linkages as a Critical Component of Comprehensive Primary Care

  • 07 Feb 2021

On January 22, key stakeholders met for meeting #2 of “Building Clinical-Community Linkages” to continue discussions on a long-term payment strategy for Community Health Teams (CHTs) as a vehicle for addressing key priorities in RI to reduce health disparities and achieve population health goals. Somava Saha, MD, MS, Executive Director at Well Being in the Nation, led the discussion on the unique role of CHTs in supporting population health goals. Dr. Saha highlighted the CHWs and CHTS across a care management continuum for highest risk patients, medium risk/rising risk, and everyone else. CTC-RI showcased two unique CHT case examples. The first case presented came from the Family Service of RI Multidisciplinary Team that connects the CHT to the Family Home Visiting First Connections Team in innovative ways. Secondly, the South County CHT presented a case that was a referral from the ED. Lastly, Craig Jones, MD, Partner from Capitol Health Associates, presented payment model examples that could support CHTs. The discussion will continue during the last part of the series on February 26. Click here to view the webinar recording.