OHIC Update: 2019 Practice Transformation and Alternative Payment Methodology Plans

  • 06 Feb 2019

Please review the final 2019 Care Transformation Plan and Alternative Payment Methodology Plan which were signed by Commissioner Ganim on January 24th.

The 2019 Care Transformation Plan has updated the 3-part definition of PCMH against which primary care practices will be evaluated by OHIC for sustainability payments by the commercial insurers, the cost management requirements, the quality measures that will be used for assessing performance, the definition of "meaningful performance improvement" and the 2019 OHIC activities that will be implemented to promote and support PCMH adoption. 

Components of the 2019 Alternative Payment Methodology Plan are designed to provide incentives to move the state away from the fee-for-service payment model and toward payment models that encourage high-quality and lower cost of care. 

The plans address areas that will continue to be discussed by the OHIC Practice Transformation and Alternative Payment Methodology Committees including risk-based contracting. OHIC meetings are posted on the OHIC website and communicated through the CTC newsletters.