Community—Clinical Linkages as a Critical Component of Comprehensive Primary Care

  • 14 Jan 2021

On December 4, CTC-RI launched the first of its three-part series, “Building Community—Clinical Linkages”. Rhode Island has a unique opportunity to promote a statewide Community Health Team (CHT) network, as an extension of primary care, to help meet patient needs, spur innovation, and strengthen community—clinical linkages. The purpose of these meetings is to create a multi-sector investment and payment strategy that advances work led by the Rhode Island Foundation, Health in Rhode Island: A Long Term Vision; the RI Medicaid AE/SDOH strategy, including the Rhode to Equity, and primary care / health system-based community—clinical linkage strategies. Somava Saha, MD, MS, Executive Director Lead from Well Being in the Nation, facilitated the discussion on the key roles of CHTs and sustainable multi-sector payment strategies to support community CHTs across the nation. Craig Jones, MD, Partner from Capitol Health Associates, facilitated the discussion on the Vermont’s Community Health Teams Blueprint Model and lessons learned that could be applied to Rhode Island. This discussion will continue during Part Two of the series on January 22. Click here for the recorded webinar.