CTC sponsors statewide High-Value Care Coordination program

  • 09 Jan 2019

CTC is partnering with the American College of Physicians to sponsor a statewide learning collaborative for primary care and specialist offices to enhance High-Value Care Coordination. The program will start on or about late January and continue through July 2019. Signed Participative Agreements are due on Friday, December 21 (5:00pm EST) to Jennifer Capewell at JCapewell@ctc-ri.org.

Improving patient referral and care coordination processes demonstrably benefits both patients and clinicians. The existing referral and care coordination process is frustrating for everyone and patients deserve better!

  • Long wait times for patients to be seen by specialists
  • Confusion about who is responsible for follow-up care
  • Delayed diagnosis and treatment may lead to poor outcomes and increased liability
  • Wasted time
  • Unnecessary testing
  • Insufficient information exchange 

Click below for additional information and resources: 

CTC-RI ACP SAN Pilot Program Flyer
HVCC Assistance Sample Practice Action Steps 2018
High-Value Care Coordination Practice Agreement 2018