Healthcare Burnout Training for Prospect Medical Systems Behavioral Health Providers

  • 07 Dec 2021

Provider burnout has reached US historic levels exacerbated by a global health pandemic. Reported burnout levels have been increasing for years, and concern around the wellbeing and sustainability of healthcare staff during peak times of need have come to the forefront during COVID-19. A 2021 study of nurses found that more than half the sample were experiencing moderate burnout and 28% experienced severe burnout.

In an effort to combat these troubling trends, CTC-RI's senior director of IBH, Nelly Burdette, PsyD, delivered a training focused on burnout to a group of Prospect Medical Systems nurse care managers and social workers. Dr.Burdette's presentation, Burnout in Healthcare, provided an overview of the prevalence and symptoms of burnout in a healthcare setting. This 1st training is part of a 7-part series developed in cooperation with Prospect leadership and guided by data from the PPAQ, a self-assessment which was completed by Prospect behavioral health providers. Forthcoming topics include motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral skills, and follow-up on depression screenings.