CTC launches innovative service line offerings

  • 30 Nov 2018

The Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island has worked with more than 100 pediatric, family medicine, and adult primary care practices throughout Rhode Island. Through this work, we have established a track record of health care transformation success, and are now excited to offer help to other organizations desiring specific goals. CTC is positioned to assist groups with key support services below - we encourage you to click each title for more information.

Integrated Behavioral Health - assisting primary care practices to better support the successful integration of behavioral health and primary care. 

Community Health Teams - providing technical assistance, training and support to health care entities and community-based organizations interested in establishing or connecting with Community Health Teams.

Data Management - gathering, managing and analyzing performance data so organizations gain insights into their effectiveness and are in a better position to improve processes and address issues. 

Practice Transformation - assisting primary care practices of various sizes to succeed in a value-based patient-centered medical home delivery model.