Pharmacy Quality Improvement Initiative:

  • 12 Aug 2022

Pharmacy Quality Improvement Initiative:

Improving Population Health / Reducing Low-Value Care in Primary Care through Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) or Professional Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (proCGM) 

CTC-RI and RI Department of Health, in collaboration with the University of RI College of Pharmacy, launched a “Call for Applications” in July. Practices interested in participating submitted their applications for the 2-year, data-driven pharmacy quality improvement learning network initiative to improve the management of hypertension and diabetes through team-based care. After a methodical selection process, the following practices have been selected to participate in this initiative:

Anchor Medical Associates

Coastal Medical Physicians

Medical Associates of RI

Mariam Hospital Ambulatory Clinic

Providence Community Health Center

RI Primary Care Physicians Co.

All practices selected Professional Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (proCGM) as their area of focus for the next 2 years. Kickoff meeting is scheduled for August 23. UnitedHealthcare and RI Department of Health provided financial support for this pharmacy quality improvement initiative.