Adult CTC Practices Demonstrate Reductions in Inpatient Admission Rate and Emergency Use Utilization

  • 28 Jul 2017

At the July Practice Reporting Committee meeting, Pano Yeracaris, MD CTC Chief Clinical Strategist presented the adult CTC primary care practice all cause ED and IP utilization results (all cause ED for the June 2014-15 to June 2015-2016 time period (insert link Claims Data Collection and Analysis)). CTC primary care practice performance is compared with the adult non-patient centered medical home comparison group.  The utilization data was prepared by On-Point using the information from the All Payer Claims Data base.  CTC practices are grouped by cohorts based on when the practice entered the CTC program. Data in this report is not risk adjusted.

Using a difference of the differences approach all CTC adult primary care practice sites demonstrated a reduction in all cause emergency use when compared with the comparison group and two cohorts demonstrating a reduction in inpatient rates when compared with comparison group.  All CTC adult practices had inpatient admission rates that were lower than the comparison group. 

PCMH-Kids utilization data is expected to be available in August 2017.