2019-20 PCMH Kids and Adult Performance Standards

  • 09 Jul 2019

The CTC-RI Data and Evaluation Committee has issued the 2019-2020 Performance Standards for PCMH Kids practices and Adult Cohort 5 practices based on review of 2018-2019 cohort practice performance, OHIC 2019 Care Transformation Plan measures and thresholds, and Quality Compass information. 

The current CTC-RI 2019-2020 Performance Standards are now better aligned with the OHIC Performance Measure performance expectations. For the purposes of performance evaluation and incentive payment, CTC-RI is retiring the BMI and Tobaccos Cessation measures and replacing them with the Colorectal Cancer Screening and Eye Exams for Patients with Diabetes measures. For the PCMH Kids practices, practices will continue to report on the 3 clinical measures (Child and Adolescent BMI and Plan of Care, Developmental Screening, and Well-Child and Adolescents) and be able to "count" 2 of the 3 clinical quality measures when determining if the practice is eligible for incentive payment. PCMH Kids practices continue to be eligible for incentive payment based on meeting 3 out of 4 performance measure thresholds: 2 can be clinical quality measures, 1 can be a customer experience measure (defined as 2 out of 3 measures for access, communication, and office staff) and 1 utilization measure.