Health Transition of Care Cohort 2 – Final Quarterly Meeting

  • 09 Jun 2023

Twelve months ago, seven primary care practices joined our second Health Transitions of Care learning collaborative to improve transitions from pediatric to adult health care. In May, they presented at the final quarterly meeting to share their experience, patient success stories, discuss sustainability, and next steps. CTC-RI presented the results of the practices’ pre- and post-assessment of activities as well as patient feedback survey results.

The practice assessment of activities looked at the six core elements of health transitions and also considered young adult and parent/caregiver feedback and leadership. Practices used a four-point scale to rate their current knowledge and transition activities across these areas. The average improvement for pediatric practices was 1.08 points and 0.46 points for adult practices. All six core elements averaged a rating of two or above.

All transferring young adults were asked to provide feedback on their experience in moving from pediatric to adult health care. Sixteen surveys were received from the 31 patients successfully transferred. Overall, 87.5% of the young adults felt that they had been sufficiently prepared to move to an adult provider.

Participating practices reported a positive experience incorporating workflows to support transition activities and partnering with young adults to transition. Increased provider discussion about transitions has also occurred and a broader system of care approach to transitions is being explored to ensure a smooth transition process for an increased number of young adults.

This learning collaborative was supported by the Rhode Island Department of Health and Tufts Health Plan. Click here for the meeting recording and here for the presentation slides. Stay tuned as an additional learning collaborative opportunity will be available tentatively for November 2023.