Best Practice Sharing Committee Update

  • 30 Apr 2019

Important updates were shared at the April Best Practice Sharing Committee meetings. Practice clinical quality and customer experience performance was reviewed at the April Practice Reporting and Transformation Committee meeting. Practices are encouraged to review their 1st quarter 2019 clinical quality performance report for accuracy.  

Adult practices are encouraged to additionally review their blood pressure control performance against performance standard thresholds. The CTC and OHIC blood pressure measurement specifications were updated in October 2018. Practices that did not meet the performance threshold by Method 1 have the opportunity to rerun their 1st quarter 2018 report using the updated measurement specifications. Updated 1st quarter 2018 blood pressure control reports can be submitted to Candice Brown ( by Wednesday, May 1, 2019, so a determination can be made that the practice met the threshold by the improvement method (Method 2).  

CTC will be recalculating practice Medicaid classification based on 1st quarter attribution and using this updated information to determine if practices are eligible for incentive based on applying the Medicaid performance threshold. 

Betsy James RN, CPHQ, BCBSRI Lead Quality Management Analyst, provided an overview and a one-page summary of the Transitions in Care (TRC) communication expectations for notification of patient inpatient admissions and discharge notification.