Improving Child Health in RI Quarterly Meeting

  • 17 Apr 2024

CTC-RI and PCMH Kids welcomed pediatric practices and stakeholders to the April 2024 "Improving Child Health in RI" meeting. Debra Hurwitz, CTC-RI’s executive director reviewed the past 9 months' efforts of the Primary Care Workforce Task Force comprised of physicians, nurses, higher education institutions and subject matter experts.  The Task Force developed a strategic roadmap that outlines the problems and recommended action items to address the primary care workforce shortage. Since the April Improving Child Health in RI meeting, CTC-RI has launched a call-to-action. New legislative bills have been proposed in the RI House and Senate that will directly address the primary care crisis, and legislators need to hear your support! Please take a few minutes today to help.

FIRST  view our one-page toolkit for simple take-action steps

THEN  use our letter template to contact your legislators

With enough outreach and support, we hope to see these bills progress and pass soon. Questions? Email us at Thank you!

Janet Limoges, KIDSNET Provider Relations Manager working for RIDOH, wrapped up the meeting demonstrating new KIDSNET features and reports. Janet guided the audience on how to retrieve an asthma action plan if one exists and how to load a new or replace an existing asthma action plan. Other features demonstrated was the Family Visiting report that reveals which families are currently receiving family visiting support and the Newborn Characteristics report that highlights which patients have parental and or childhood characteristics that may be cause for closer follow-up by a primary care provider.

Please join us on May 2 and June 6, 7:30-8:00AM for Virtual Coffee Breaks with Dr. Pat Flanagan & Dr. Beth Lange. Our next Improving Child Health in RI meeting is July 11, 7:30-8:30AM.