Pharmacy Quality Improvement Teams Successfully Complete “Empowering the Safe, Effective and Efficient (S.E.E) Use of Medications in Older Adults” Learning Collaborative

  • 12 Apr 2021

CTC-RI hosted the February 25 closing session for the 12-month learning collaborative “Empowering the Safe, Effective and Efficient (S.E.E) Use of Medications in Older Adults.” Kelley Doherty Sanzen, PharmD, PAHM, CDOE facilitated the meeting and the 7 practices presented on their successes with implementing pharmacy-led quality improvement strategies including patient engagement and plans for sustainability and spread. Practices selected the focus areas based on S.E.E performance reports generated using APCD claims data information. Stephen Kogut PhD, MBA, RPh presented on the pre and post self-efficacy survey results. The practices also were provided with their final incentive payments based on meeting quality improvement target that teams identified as part of their Plan-Do-Study-Act (P-D-S-A) performance improvement plans. Program oversight was provided by the Core Planning Team (Stephen Kogut, PhD, MBA, RPh, Debbie Newell RPh, CDOE, CVDOE, Kelley Doherty Sanzen PharmD, Maureen Maigret, Megan Fallon, Stephanie de Abreu, Manager UnitedHealthplan, and CTC-RI Management).