Rhode Island joining 'Aligning Early Childhood and Medicaid' initiative

  • 29 Mar 2019

The health care system is often the first social sector to connect with the at-risk population of infants in low-income families. With Medicaid covering more than half of all births in many states, and 40 percent of children nationwide, state Medicaid leadership is particularly well-positioned to spur innovations that can improve outcomes for young children and their parents. However, in most states the connection between the health care and early childhood sectors is, at best, tenuous, and Medicaid's potential to support early childhood and family services is largely untapped. 

Aligning Early Childhood and Medicaid will seek to enhance alignment across Medicaid and state agencies responsible for early childhood programs with the goal of improving the health and social outcomes of low-income infants, young children, and families. The Aligning Early Childhood and Medicaid initiative includes eight states, including Rhode Island. Read more here.