Update: Nurse Care Manager/Care Coordinator Best Practice Sharing

  • 04 Mar 2021

Adolescent well-child care was the topic discussed at the February 16 NCM/CC meeting. Some PCMH Kids practices (Tri-County, PCHC, Ocean State Pediatrics and Partners in Pediatrics) have implemented targeted strategies for improving outreach to families to increase the number of well-child visits. These efforts include setting up a resource fund that staff can use if families are having difficulty with transportation, opening up schedules on evenings and weekends to better accommodate family needs, and medical assistants and community health workers using KIDSNET reports to identify pediatric patients who have not been in and making direct outreach calls to families.


Sarah Hagan, PhD discussed how PediPRN can help practices with diagnostic clarification, treatment planning, pharmacological and psychotherapy guidance and when unable to access behavioral health resources. Pat Flanagan MD, FAAP shared her recommendations for using a strength-based approach to the adolescent well-child interview and the importance of outreach to connect with adolescents during COVID-19.