CTC-RI Clinical Strategy Committee February 2020 Meeting

  • 25 Feb 2020

The CTC-RI Clinical Strategy Committee met on February 21 to discuss some key topics to share with our wider CTC-RI community:

  • Update on Safe-Effective-Efficient (SEE) Prescribing: A Pharmacy Prescribing Quality Improvement Initiative regarding measures Addressing Medication Use Among Adults (age 50+) using RI APCD 2018 data. Project kick-off Feb 27, 2020 with 7 practices within SOC.
  • Further discussion of a draft joint RIMS/CTC Prior Authorization QI Project proposal to establish a statewide agreement on core principles in approaching prior authorization, collection of data with specific targeted improvement efforts.
  • Report-out on the next step of the Prescriptions Auto-Refill Steering Committee.
  • The Drop the Pre-Op effort was discussed recognizing the need for better data to bring the effort to a higher level. The committee supported a request to the Cost Trend Committee to consider endorsing the low-value care project and help provide actionable data.
  • Call for AE volunteers for the CTC-RI Primary Care – Specialist Collaboration subgroup from the Clinical Strategy Committee.
  • The Committee’s desire to support the evolution of the multi-payer community-based network of community health workers and its long-term sustainability.
  • Health in Rhode Island: A Long-Term Vision was discussed briefly. There was a great deal of interest in deepening the discussion.