MLPB Phase II Learning and Action Lab: Best Practices for Strength-Based Screening, Triage and Response

  • 05 Feb 2024

MLPB hosted the fifth and final Phase II Health-Related Social Needs Learning and Action Lab session in January. The group of 25 participants, including older adults as well as healthcare and social services providers, reviewed the Phase I key takeaways, the three Phase II presentations, and broke into groups to reflect on what they learned and how they might use it. The group exchanged ideas about how health-related social needs screening could be improved over the next five years. The session concluded with a brainstorming session about how an implementation phase might look, answering the question "If there were to be a Phase III, what would you like to do next with the information we've learned?" 

MLPB is a fiscally-sponsored organization of TSNE. The project is funded by a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.  Created in 1939, the mission of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island is to improve members’ health and peace of mind by facilitating their access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.