CTC-RI January 2021 Clinical Strategy Committee Meeting

  • 25 Jan 2021

Phase 2 of the Care Delivery Design and Community Health Project kicked off at the January 15 CSC meeting.  Moderated by Pano Yeracaris MD, MPH, CTC Chief Clinical Strategist, the group discussed our project plans and reviewed a fishbone diagram that describes how CTC-RI’s multiple work areas build toward comprehensive primary care, and health system transformation and community health. There was also an engaging presentation by Andrew Saal, MD MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Providence Community Health Centers entitled “Population Health – More than Just Primary Care Delivery: Innovation, Best Practices, and Musings from a Multi-Specialty Urban Community Health Center” The meeting concluded with detailed updates and open discussion on pandemic-related issues including the status of hospitals, primary care practices, and vaccination rollout.