New CTC-RI Projects and Funding for 2023

  • 12 Jan 2023

With generous funding support from UnitedHealthcare, Rhode Island Department of Health and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, CTC-RI will launch several innovative projects in 2023 to invest in and strengthen primary care capacity in several priority areas. Anticipated projects in the new year include:

Primary Care Team-Based Training and Support – Learning collaborative for up to 10 practices to train in best practices in team-based care, defining team roles, and developing strategies for primary care in a post-pandemic environment to strengthen staff and patient care experience.

Pediatric Population Health Pilots – Projects to support increasing care access for children with restrictive eating disorders and improving transitions of care for youth transitioning from pediatric to adult primary care.

Increasing Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Capacity in Pediatrics – Components under this area include offering IBH training to BH clinicians working in outpatient settings, developing incentives for outpatient BH clinicians to enter into IBH arrangements with primary care, and supporting a learning collaborative to increase IBH capacity in pediatrics by expanding the care team to include CHWs/BSWs.

Alzheimer’s Care Support – Pilot to improve the capacity of primary care practices to implement evidence-based clinical guidelines and improve care for patients with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

CTC-RI will be issuing several calls for applications with funding available for practices to participate in these projects. Stay tuned for more information to be shared in upcoming newsletters!


“Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is committed to improving the health and well-being of Rhode Islanders by improving access to high-quality, affordable, and equitable care. As an organization, we strive to find innovative ways to strengthen access to behavioral health services. We are pleased to fund projects in 2023 at CTC-RI that will increase the capacity of primary care providers to deliver integrated behavioral health services. We look forward to continued partnership with CTC-RI and other Rhode Island stakeholders to move this important work forward.”
Rena Sheehan, Vice President Clinical Integration at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island


“UnitedHealthcare is pleased to continue our support of CTC-RI’s primary care transformation efforts, specifically those programs that will support pediatric and adult integrated behavioral health. We recognize that the support of primary care physicians, with a focus on improving behavioral health and whole-person care, is vital to making the health system work better for everyone – ultimately leading to helping people live healthier lives.”

Tim Archer, CEO, New England Health Plan at UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual