Patricia Flanagan, MD

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About Me

Dr. Patricia Flanagan is a pediatrician specializing in adolescent medicine. Dr Flanagan is CTC-RI's Clinical Director and co-director of RI PCMH-Kids, a new state-wide multi-payer multi-provider initiative for payment reform and primary medical home practice transformation. She is professor of Pediatrics at The W. Alpert Medical School at Brown University and leads primary care transformation at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Her research, clinical work and teaching have focused on the unique needs of pregnant and parenting youth and their children and on the role of social determinants in child health.

Our Mission

The mission of CTC-RI is to support the continuing transformation of primary care in Rhode Island as the foundation of an ever-improving integrated, accessible, affordable, and equitable health care system.  CTC-RI brings together critical stakeholders to implement, evaluate and spread effective multi-payer models to deliver, pay for and sustain high-quality, comprehensive, accountable primary care.