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CTC-RI Welcomes 7 Practices to the Pediatric Weight Management ECHO® and Quality Improvement Initiative

  • 12 Sep 2022

CTC-RI is excited to kick off our first ECHO® learning series on Pediatric Weight Management.  Seven practices will be participating in a 12-month learning and action series to improve their approach to managing pediatric weight management challenges using a behavioral health approach. After a methodical selection process, the following practices were selected to participate in this initiative:

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Pharmacy Quality Improvement Initiative

  • 12 Sep 2022

Improving Population Health/Reducing Low-Value Care in Primary Care through Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) or Professional Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (proCGM) 

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CTC-RI/PCMH Kids Launches 5th Year of NCM Training Program

  • 09 Sep 2022

This week, CTC-RI is excited to launch the 5th year of the GLearn Nurse Care Manager (NCM) Core Curriculum Training Program. 22 NCMs and care coordinators from 13 different practices across the state will be participating in the program this year. As intended in the course design, the learners bring a wide range of experience levels to the program.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island is to lead the transformation of primary care in Rhode Island in the context of an integrated health care system; and to improve the quality of care, the patient experience of care, the affordability of care, and the health of the populations we serve.